Damex App

Verasity Partnership 

Your Key to Thriving in the Crypto Universe!

Crypto Community.

Verasity boasts a robust community base of approximately 100,000 crypto enthusiasts. Joining this partnership allows you to become part of a vibrant network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about cryptocurrency.

Damex App

Through the Damex App, users gain direct access to the Verasity ecosystem. This integration streamlines the user experience and facilitates seamless interaction with Verasity’s features and services.

Affiliate Branding
with Vera Tokens.

Verasity offers users the unique opportunity to engage in affiliate branding using Vera tokens. This feature enables you to promote and market Verasity products and services, expanding your involvement in the crypto space while earning rewards.

Better Rates through
Step Challenges.

Verasity and Damex App provide users with step challenges that incentivize participation and engagement. By completing these challenges, users can unlock better rates and rewards, enhancing the overall value of their crypto experience.

Cryptocurrency Services.

The partnership between Verasity and Damex App opens the door to a wide range of cryptocurrency services. Users can explore options such as trading, staking, and lending, all within the integrated ecosystem.


 Verasity is committed to providing its community with educational resources to enhance their crypto knowledge. Users can access tutorials, guides, and expert insights to make informed decisions in the crypto market.