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I.N.V.E.S.T - Clearpoll Analysis



I’m monitoring the markets this morning and working out of a coffee shop in Barcelona before heading to the 2018 Mobile World Congress to do some general networking. I’ll also be meeting a few selective teams/individuals attempting to revolutionize the mobile industry using blockchain technology.

Simultaneously, I’ve had a few inbound enquiries on social media asking me for a few ‘hot crypto picks to take a gamble on’. For those of you that know me, you know the hours I put into my investment research, and although investing in cryptos might seem like gambling to many, for the few, digital asset investment research is a science similar to investment research in any traditional asset class.

With the sole purpose of adding some value to my friends and readers who are interested in crypto, I’ve created the following acronym to help you break down a project. I.N.V.E.S.T before making investment decisions in this space. Answer the following questions: (as an example, I will simultaneously answer some of these questions for a project on my current watchlist; Clearpoll (Poll).

Incentive. Network. Vision. Experience. Supply. Technology.

Vision: What is the product/concept trying to solve? Is it solving a pain point? Is it a realistic/ achievable product? Does the team provide a detailed roadmap? Is the team negotiating with new exchanges for new listings?

POLL: Clearpoll is a secure polling/voting platform that utilises blockchain technology. In the recent past, polls have been extremely misleading and potentially manipulated. From U.S presidential elections to pre-Brexit polling, our current polling system is outdated and Clearpoll solves a HUGE pain point.

Additionally, the Clearpoll team also created and launched Clearify. Clearify is a crypto address verification system that has partnered with www.icoalert.com to verify ICO wallet addresses. Clearify is also powered by POLL and each ICO partner is charged circa 500 USD worth of POLL to use the Clearify platform. Half of these tokens are then locked up forever, thus recuding the total supply of poll tokens over time.