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Get Paid To Workout: 23 Best Apps To Make Money Exercising


Get Paid To Workout: 23 Ways To Make Money Exercising

Are you getting paid to walk yet? Yes, you heard it right! You actually get paid to exercise or even walk.

It leaves you with no reason to procrastinate your exercise sessions.

While we talk about side income and health, there is an abundance of websites and apps that reward you substantially for performing various tasks, including, walking, jogging, or even strolling pets.

However, it is essential to know which of these platforms are reliable and most profitable.

I have enlisted the top 23 get paid to workout apps proving they are worth spending your time and phone storage on. These platforms let you earn big-time cash rewards while taking care of your health. 

Let’s begin!

Getting Paid For Workout: How Does It Work?

Here is how you get paid to exercise:

  • Health apps are either pedometer or GPS based and track your body’s physical activity in real-time.
  • A lot of these apps encourage users to complete tasks assigned to them. The tasks can be related to anything from hiking to yoga to running.
  • Many of these apps reward you for fulfilling goals set by you. The winnings can be in various forms, including cash, gift cards, and digital currency.
  • Various fitness apps promote healthy community building and pay you to share your personal progress, hurdles, and winnings on social media platforms.

23 Best Apps That Pay You To Workout

Here are the top apps that allows you get paid to exercise:

1- Damex

Established in 2017, Damex is a fitness reward app that works on the principle of connecting wealth with health. The platform aims to reward its users in the form of a soon to be launched digital token, Damex, for performing various health-related tasks.

This payment platform focuses on encouraging sustainability and a healthy lifestyle with fun. It focuses on taking the gamification experience to the next level.

Damex also has a premium membership program that can be unlocked by investing your money in at least 5000 Damex tokens. In this membership, you will have to pay no trading fees, and Damex will plant trees on your behalf to give back to the environment.

  • 60k steps – Marathon (London Marathon NFT)
  • 80k steps – Amateur Mountain Climber (Mt. Kilimanjaro NFT) 
  • 170k steps -Professional Mountain Climber (Hike to Everest Base NFT) 
  • 300k steps – Made of Iron (Full Iron Man NFT) 
  • 525k steps – Steel Legs (London to Paris NFT) 

As you complete more and more challenges, Damex lets you climb the leaderboard. The top 20 users on the leaderboard are eligible for additional quarterly prizes.

Damex also has a premium membership program that can be unlocked by staking your money in at least 5000 Damex tokens. In this membership you will have to pay no trading fees and Damex will plant trees on your behalf to give back to the environment.

Here are the current beta features of the Damex app:

  • Step Gamification
  • NFT Gamification
  • Trees Plantation
  • Fiat and Digital Asset Exchange
  • Damex Visa Card
  • Rewards and Purchases with Digital and Fiat Money

Here are the future features of Damex that is soon to be rolled out:

  • Life/Health Insurance 
  • Loan/Credit Line Features
  • Stock Trading
  • NFT Gamification
  • NFT Trading
  • Non Custodial Wallets

Not just this, the application is also educating users and health freaks to learn more about digital assets. Additionally, the Damex token holders have the power of governing and can participate in voting through surveys and suggestions.

2- HealthyWage

Founded in 2009, HealthyWage is a platform that pays you cash prizes and promotes wellness by offering various weight loss challenges. It allows setting personalized health goals for yourself against bets that can win you prizes up to $10000.

You can participate in approximately ten challenges at a time. Additionally, the platform has an in-built health calculator that allows you to calculate your predicted earning by entering your desired goals.

The revenues can be increased by adjusting your goals and the amount you contribute towards your goal. This get paid to workout app lets you connect with various other contestants throughout your weight loss journey.

3- StepBet

StepBet is one of the leading get paid to workout apps that pay you to workout and makes your journey fun by letting you play rewarding social games.

The platform works by setting up personalized goals for the users based on their health activity, further betting their money into a pot. When the users fulfill healthy targets, they get all their betted money plus additional profit in their wallet.

It allows players to earn approximately $5 to $20, encouraging them to participate in more competitions and indulge in healthier activities.

4- DietBet

DietBet is one of the top apps that pay you to workout and motivates you to lose weight with enriching tips and prizes.

The platform allows you to bet on yourself, and when you meet your targets, DietBet lets you earn money by splitting the pot. The pot splitting comes with incentives and profitability if you are among the top winners.

The bet amount starts at $35 for four weeks on average, where the goal is to lose approximately.

To date, DietBet has helped over 935,585 players to lose over 18,846,063 with rewards of $62,263,235.

5- Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a free program on Android and iOS that advocates a healthier and sustainable planet. It incentivizes you in the form of digital currency to be productive and stay fit. The earned amount can be spent buying various products and charities.

The platform collaborates with over 1000 top brands offering various goods and services. Yogaclub, Audible, Tidal, Apple, and Headspace are some notable brands where you can shop using Sweatcoins.

It has worked with a wide range of charitable causes, including environmental, humanitarian, and animal preservation.

Sweatcoin promises to give users 100% data safety and has seen a 20% increase in the total physical activity of the users. 

This get paid to exercise app also allows you to become an influencer and inspire your followers and friends to stay fit and healthy while earning cash in your wallet when someone joins the Sweatcoin using your unique link.

Sweatcoin has registered 120 million users and anticipates registering at least 1 billion. It has created more than 36,944,481,319 Sweatcoins to date.

6- Evidation

Evidation is a money-making application available on Android and iOS stores that helps you earn cash prizes every day by merely working out, taking surveys, and even sleeping. It tracks your data by connecting with several compatible applications.

Besides offering cash winnings, Evidation offers insightful tips and articles that teach more about health and health-related topics.

It is a safe-to-use platform that significantly focuses on your privacy concerns. Evidation asks for consent before requesting your sensitive data and gives you the power to control who sees and doesn’t. 

It can be synchronized with over 20 applications, including Fitbit, Withings, Dexcom, Garmin, and Google Fit.

7- Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a free-to-use app that pays you substantial money to donate for charity by walking miles. The more you warm-up, the more you earn money for a good cause. It tracks moving exercise sessions, including running, walking, dancing, and biking.

You can choose from many causes and charities to contribute to each time you launch your training session. For every mile you walk, $0.25 is donated to a good cause. 

Feeding America, Wounded Warriors, Stand Up to Cancer, Autism Speaks, and WWF are among the top charities partnered with Charity Miles to support health, sustainability, and causes.

You can also have added benefits by joining the extra miles club to get access to additional and exclusive deals.

To date, Charity Miles has raised over $2,750,000 with the help of 100,000,000 miles walked by various users.

8- MyWalgreens (Formerly Walgreens Balance Rewards)

MyWalgreens is a free-to-join platform that lets you earn points in the MyWalgreens wallet whenever you are physically active or shopping online and offline.

You get to earn each time you purchase the app, buy Walgreens products, or make payments at local stores. The cashback ranges from 1% to 10% on different platform activities.

The earned prizes can be used to buy various products and services, including paying for doctors, dentists, gym memberships, wellness services, and counseling services.

The app also works for good causes and lets you donate substantially to various charities of your choice from your MyWalgreens cashback.

9- Rover

Founded in 2011, Rover is one of the leading apps that pay you to workout. This exciting health app is designed for pet lovers and allows you to earn extra by strolling, boarding, house-sitting, training, and daycare people’s cats and dogs.

You can provide services according to your schedule and set prices based on various factors, including size, age, breed, and pet preference. You can provide more than one service to get an extra salary.

It provides a vet care reimbursement, The Rover Guarantee, which provides 24×7 vet assistance and up to $25000 money back. Rover also offers ongoing pet care education to all pet sitters to stay informed about the challenges and concerns of handling dogs and cats.

Rover is currently present in over ten countries, with a record of over 2 million users, 24000+ neighborhoods worldwide, and millions of 5-star reviews from proud pet parents.

10- LifeCoin

LifeCoin is a free app for iOS and Android users that pays to stay fit. With its GPS-based interface, LifeCoin incentivizes you in the form of its in-app currency, life coins, every time you stroll. The more you exercise through walking, jogging, or running, the more coins you earn.

The life coins earned by walking on this get paid to workout app can be utilized to exchange for various goods and services on top brands like Amazon, Apple, PayPal, Lululemon, and Bare Minerals.

You can also join its Ambassador Program, which lets you earn even more prizes to spread the joy of wellness.

11- Lympo

Lympho is one of the newest get paid to workout apps that lets you earn digital money and NFTs by working out and staying healthy. It incentivizes you with its native token, the $SPORT utility token. The earned token can be used to mint, stake, and buy various NFT sports collectibles.

It also lets you stay informed with the latest information on NFT sports, athletes, product updates, and the current state of the NFT sports space.

Lympho has partnered with the leading companies of the digital space, including The Sandbox, Polygon, Gamee, Quickswap, Revv Racing, Harmony, and Binance Smart Chain, which makes it a go-to choice for users who love health and digitalization.

12- WinWalk

WinWalk is a free-to-use pedometer app on the Google store that tracks your steps and movements to reward you in the form of coins. It offers one coin for every 100 steps you take. Each day you are eligible to earn money up to 100 coins.

The earned coins can further be utilized to purchase gift cards from top brands, including Amazon, Dominos, Starbucks, Sephora, and Walmart.

Besides offering rewards for working out, WinWalk also tracks your overall health, which includes burned calories, strolling distance, and active time without using a third-party app or GPS.

13- Runtopia

Runtopia is one of the top GPS-based health tracking apps that gets you winnings in the form of SPC coins for each step you take. The coins earned can be used to buy sports gear and in-app services to promote your overall active and healthy lifestyle.

The smart tracker of the Runtopia displays high-accuracy essential information about your health, including route map, distance, heart rate, and calories.

Runtopia also has a real-time audio health guide that prevents you from running injuries. It also lets you connect with millions of running community members and clubs that help you stay motivated to drill.

This smart application creates customized running plans for all kinds of fitness freaks that range from beginners to experts. The tailor-made programs can include anything from 5k/10k marathons to full marathons to weight loss activities.

14- PaidWorkout

PaidWorkout is a leading app that promotes working out and participating in various physical activities that get you substantial cash prizes ranging from $50 to $1 million and top the leaderboard. 

It motivates you to keep your health sane by performing various activities, including bike riding, weight lifting, running, and walking.

It also allows you to take fun quizzes related to your health to put you in a personalized group of health enthusiasts.

15- FitPotato

FitPotato is one of the top health applications available on iOS that allows you to earn weekly prizes for challenging yourself,  friends, and other community members to complete various health-related tasks.

The activities include walking, working out, dog walking, and running. For tracking your steps, this get paid to exercise app accesses your data through Apple Health Steps and the phone’s GPS in the background.

You bet a particular amount of money on the challenge. If you complete the challenge by the end of the week, you earn your betted amount, and additional profits are distributed among all the winning participants. If the winner is just you, all the profitable amount is given to you.

16- Earth Miles

Earth Miles is a leading app that pays users in the form of earth miles to walk, run, bike, or swim. The earth miles can be used to purchase products, especially health, and supplements, at discounted prices with multiple retailers.

They encourage people to participate more and more in health programs that motivate them to eat right and follow a disciplined lifestyle. 

Earth Miles is compatible with various exercise apps, including Fitbit, Google Fit, RunKeeper, Nike+, and Runtastic, to track your daily physical activities. 

17- Pact (Formerly known as GymPact)

Pact is a free Android and iOS that motivates you to exert more frequently to achieve your health goals. While it works on the cash rewarding model, this get paid to exercise application also penalizes you when you procrastinate, avoid exercising, or don’t reach your goals.

You must check in at your gyms or other activity centers, including outdoor runs, walks, and bike rides. The app is compatible with various devices and websites, including Fitbit, Moves, Jawbone UP, and RunKeeper. 

It also focuses on healthy eating. It allows you to log your daily food and post pictures to receive cash prizes.

18- Step Younger+

Step Younger+ is an Android-based pedometer app that pays you off well for taking steps to burn calories. You unlock different levels of achievement badges whenever you reach a particular milestone of working out.

Another unique feature of the platform includes a reminder and tracker for water intake to keep your body hydrated and healthy. 

To help achieve your health goals, Step Younger+ offers weekly and monthly reports of your daily workouts.

19- Strava

Strava is a health-tracking app that turns your smartphone into a running or cycling meter while connecting you with millions of exertion peers. This unique app allows users to post their warm-up journey digitally, where others can motivate them through likes and comments.

The app has plenty of challenges, including the Paris Marathon, April Half Marathon, and April 10k that help you meet your training goals and win digital trophies and prizes.

Strava also has a unique pace calculator that enables you to calculate the finish time of prevalent running challenges based on your pace.

20- WayBetter

WayBetter is a leading app that pays you to stay healthy by playing games and completing healthy challenges.

It has a long list of fun games designed to build healthy habits for you. You need to bet a certain amount to participate in each game with other community members. As and when you complete a particular task, the total amount of the pot gets split among the winning members.

The app also has an in-built health quiz that takes your body data and contains questions to create personalized goals and provide insights into your health. It also provides sustainable ways to attain your nutritional goals with the help of a curated diet plan.

WayBetter has helped over 1.3 million health enthusiasts lose approximately 14.7 million pounds.

21- PK Rewards

PK Rewards is a simple app for iOS users that encourages people to stay fit with various incentives. The rewarding exercise includes swimming, skating, jogging, surfing, weight lifting, yoga, spinning, and golfing. 

The app tracks users’ health activities using an Apple watch or supported Bluetooth trackers. It lets you track your health progress with valuable insights, allowing you to set personalized health goals.

The number you score on the app for working out can be converted into coins which can be used to buy gift cards and products from top brands, including Nike, Starbucks, Amazon, Airbnb, Sun Basket, and SouthWest Airlines.

22- MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is a free health and wellness app that checks your physical activities with the help of phones and smartwatches to provide insights and tips to keep your body healthy.

It also allows the creation of personalized training plans that help meet your health goals smoothly. 

It also encourages healthy community building by enrolling users in the MapMyRun community.

Users can also purchase Under Armor products on the app, including sports shoes, jackets, pants, backpacks, headphones, sunglasses, and water bottles for men, women, and kids.

MapMyFitness has logged over 9.42 billion miles, and 2.44 billion training sessions to create approximately 1.85 billion.

23- Fitforbucks

Fitforbucks is a leading fitness reward app available for Android and iOS. It can be accessed with various activity trackers and even Apple watches.

It incentivizes the users to perform all kinds of physical activities, including walking, running, hiking, playing, and dancing.

The more steps you take, the more prizes Firforbucks provides you. The prize includes free desserts, coffee, massage, haircut, and even a complimentary glass of wine for walking specific steps.


Who doesn’t like to earn legit passive income? Probably, nobody! It’s even better if it comes with the additional reward of keeping your body in shape and healthy. 

You can find various options on the internet that offer to earn beyond your salary by performing simple tasks. One of the most emerging and beneficial app formats is to make money exercising. 

Since our phone screens utilize a lot of our time, investing that time in something fruitful becomes essential. Downloading these applications will free you from the guilt of using your phones for hours, as they have many advantages.

Getting paid to walk apps have various benefits, including helping you stay motivated, keeping track of your health, planning a diet, and, most importantly, rewarding you for physical activities.

Consider downloading and signing up on the above-listed applications when you have decided to stay healthy and support sustainability. These are among the top reliable and most profitable ones on iOS and Android.