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DAM Explores Opportunities in Asia – Seoul, South Korea


DAM Exploring Opportunities

DAM has established a fantastic footprint in Europe by being one of the first licensed and regulated crypto custodians and broker / dealers in Europe. The Company is now exploring partnerships and opportunities in Asia and Latin America. As DAM prepares to open up for private investment interest, the Asian market is of particular interest to the DAM team and CEO Sam Buxton recently visited Seoul in South Korea to catch up with interested private investors and speak at a blockchain conference.

Mr Buxton commented: “I really appreciated the opportunity to have been invited to South Korea to discuss the European Blockchain market, and specifically the strides Gibraltar has taken to establish itself as a European Hub for Blockchain business. Seoul is a beautiful city, and I met some great people “.

DAM took the opportunity to discuss the developments taking place in Europe in respect of distributed ledger technology and crypto, as well as discussing the developments of the Company to date and the various solutions being provided for DAM”s wide range of Clients.

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