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DAM and EVShare Strategic Partnership Announcement


Digital Asset Management Ltd and EVshare Partner to Build Sustainable Blockchain Industry

Working together to build a sustainable blockchain industry by delivering unique products in finance, energy and transportation.

Digital Asset Management Ltd and EVshare are happy to announce a strategic partnership.

EVShare (www.evshare.com) is a coalition of established technology partners that utilize a combination of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Energy Resources (DERS), High Energy Density Batteries and Energy Management. EVShare exists to create the world’s most efficient “plug and play” Community System, designed to move people, goods and power by connecting and controlling all the assets and participants while efficiently managing them through Artificial Intelligence technology, all backed by the RSK Blockchain.

Digital Asset Management Ltd (www.dam.gi) are a crypto brokerage and custodian based out of Gibraltar. Currently one of the few companies to have successfully received an in principle decision to be a licensed and regulated DLT provider in Gibraltar. Digital Asset Management Ltd or ‘DAM’ currently provide Cold Storage, OTC and Investment Advisory services for Crypto Funds, ICOs, Exchanges, Individuals and more.

As DAM’s CEO, Sam Buxton expressed ‘We are very happy about our new partnership with EVShare. We have also made a substantial investment into EVShare as we believe the Team, Partnerships and Product are well positioned to make a positive change in this world.

Once EVS is listed, anybody interested in purchasing EVS using EURO, GBP or USD will be able to do so directly over our execution desk in Gibraltar”.